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AngularJS : tools and debug

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JavaScript debugging is now well implemented in most of the browsers. The Chrome Developer Tools are the most obvious example. It has become really easy and convenient to use and actually allows to consider complex JavaScript developments. This video shows you how to interact with the API AngularJS using Chrome Developer Tools .

There are complementary tools:


To make life easier in the hierarchy of scopes that can quickly become complex, a chrome extension let visualize them: batarang. Easy to locate the reason for the non-visibility of one of your variables.
Let’s take a look to the screencast which explains how to use this extension:


All exceptions are catch by $exceptionHandler service which by default applies a $log.error() of stack trace. You can change the behavior by injecting your own implementation. In this example the implementation sending the trace to a HTTP POST (see “Networks” tab in your Chrome Developer Tools to see the POST run).

And do not forget Dean’s tips and tricks to avoid or find errors.


WebStorm IDE and Sublime Text 2 have AngularJS plugins with mainly content-assist feature:


Easy installation because plugin is developed by John Lindquist from the JetBrains team, so it is available in the main repository. Just go to Settings => Plugins => Browse and select AngularJS repositories to install.

Sublime Text 2

If you installed the package controller the plugin installation is very simple. There are 2 plugin now:

With all these development tools you can becomes as productive and maintainable as with Java :)

AngularJS : routes and navigation

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Principle already well known in web frameworks of all types, the notion of routing allows you to associate a URL to a resource (dynamic or static web page). On the same way AngularJS offers a building URL to point to a specific location in application: the “deep-linking”. ng-view directive can load views, each view is associated to an URL. First page becomes the main template and load, via the ng-view directive, the view corresponding to the URL.

routes declaration

routes declaration is made by $routeProvider service and $route service using the config() method of themodule:

Two roads are reported here, each pointing to a view: one to display a list of friends (/list), another to edit / create a friend (/edit).

It is not yet possible to define several ng-view directives in the same page, but debate is open. Meanwhile ng-include directive overcome this deficiency and may be declared several times in the same page, but you have to manage yourself the behavior.

$location service

URL construction is consistent with the HTML5 History API recommendation via $location object. Via this object the idea is to have a unique code that can be adapted depending on whether the target is an incompatible browsers or not. HTML5 mode is not enabled by default, the html5Mode(true) method of $locationProvider service is used to configure it. For more information on two available modes, follow the guide.
In the example above, $location is used to redirect the user to friends list after clicking “save” (see controllers.js)


Parameters can also be added to URLs. So in the above example, the “edit” link refers to the array index as a parameter in the URL.

and the road is declared as:

The $routeParams service will then be added to provide access to URL parameters .
Either the URL
and /Chapter/:chapterId/Section/:sectionId route
$routeParams return {chapterId:1, sectionId:2, search:’moby’}
In our example $routeParams is injected into the controller FriendEditCtrl

Initialization and delay before displaying a page

The method for configuring a route $routeProvider.when(path, path) describes the route as a path (eg: /edit) which is associated to a controller and a template. A route can also be redirect to another URL (redirectTo). But it is also possible to define actions to be performed before loading the page via the parameter resolve. So if a page needs to load a large list of data, the system allows the user to wait before displaying the page. The example below is the same as the previous one, except that the friends table take 2s to be retrieved.
To simulate this in this example I use the $q service: an implementation of promise/deferred model inspired by the Kris Kowal’s Q project combined with the $timeout service to initiate resolution of the deferred object 2s later.
The specific feature of the resolve parameter is to have a map parameter where each key is considered as a reference to a service that can be injected into the controller and the value contains the corresponding service. If the value returns a “promise” then it is resolved before the controller is instantiated and emits the $routeChangeSuccess event after the resolution of the deffered object.
=> Press the play button to see the behavior: a message “Loading friends …” appears for 2 seconds and then the friends list is displayed


Note in this example the use of $routeChangeStart and $routeChangeSuccess events with the butterBar directive.

Events allow to interact in the views display cycle and here show a message until the page is displayed.

AngularJS : filters

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filter is a handy feature that will facilitate displaying data. To begin with there are filters that will allow formatting to display a date or a number according to a given pattern. Filters use the syntax | (“pipe”) well known to all those who use shell commands:

Or simply transformations of strings:

And It is possible to chain filters.

But also allows a filter to modify the DOM like orderBy filter for easy sorting table by combining ng-repeat directive. Though you mind that it’s possible to pass parameters such as for orderBy 2 parameters are proposed to define a predicate and a sort direction. The 2-way databinding-enables the filter dynamically.

Another interesting example is filter to reduce a data table in based on a criterion. This, again with the 2-way data binding, provides a dynamic display which is good practice to improve user experience:

Of course you can create your own filters. The syntax is similar to the guidelines, controllers and services.
In the following example the filter can build a string.

This powerful tool is yet another great feature, make code readable. Simple to implement it gives the possibility to imagine complex implementations. Below is an example of a sequence of two filters on a repeat to paginate a table:

AngularJS : unit tests and end to end tests

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If there is one feature compared to other JS framework that make AngularJS better, it is the ability to implement tests. This is normal I would say since the framework was developed by integrating this fundamental aspect at the beginning. JavaScript is a dynamically typed language which makes it easy to write but allows writing errors that the compiler will not see. It is therefore really important when you use JavaScript to write tests.
But AngularJS is not magic either, as anyone who has implemented tests know, it is important to think its code for testing. You have to be careful not using objects or methods without knowing whether they will be easily testable. For example, a controller, if in one of the calls are made there is DOM access via jQuery for example, this code immediately become complex to test.
Unfortunately, current tools do not allow us to make TDD as easily than with Java, when I writing a test the IDE will propose the creation of classes and methods. However, nothing prevents it.
AngularJS don’t imposes a testing framework and you can play with your tools, but the team has developed AngularJS libraries to facilitate tests writing and they are based on Jasmine and JsTestDriver (Misko is a co-author):

Let’s go to practice.

Manually Running Jasmine + JsTestDriver

With angular-seed, launch scripts are provided to implement the tests. Just run scripts/test-server.[sh|bat] to start JsTestDriver and open a page on each browser you want to test at http://localhost:9876/. Then run the tests manually : scripts/test.[sh|bat] . All tests reported in test/unit will be executed. You can change this behavior by targeting specific test or other directories via the configuration file config/jsTesDriver.conf

Run in IDE: Eclipse and IntelliJ / WebStorm

JsTestDriver provided plugins for Eclipse and IntelliJ. So you can run your tests in your favorite IDE rather than the command line. Be careful though if you are using angular-seed to review the paths declared in config/jsTesDriver.conf that do not run in an IDE.

Test a controller

Start with the following code : a simple list of names with a delete button and followed by a text field with a button to add new name:

We must test the controller to ensure that the addPatient() method adds even a patient in the list. Though mind you the use of module(‘myApp’) that will load the corresponding module (look like Guice) as well as the use of inject($rootScope, $controller). inject(…) allows much argument you want, these arguments must refer to objects known to the module and are identified by their name: injected(MyService) will not work if you don’t have declared MyService. Similarly inject($controleur) will not work because the service is called $controller.

Test a directive

Using ui-date directive from our previous article and detail it. As above, module() and inject() are used to inject our dependencies. Though our mind that jQuery-UI datepicker is design for testing because you can interact with the component via methods that simulate user actions. This is an important point for choosing an external library that you want to encapsulate in a directive.

Test user interface or end to end testing

With E2E we can simulate user interactions with the GUI. I hear some said “why not Selenium ?”, well some have tried
but it is still more complex. More Selenium does not know the operation of AngularJS and trials have shown problems with delays. Misko summarized in the forum why they have not used Selenium.
On the other hand the use of jQuery selectors tags to target is very simple to write.
The example below shows how, from the previous code, try adding a name in the list.

To run this test in angular-seed it is necessary to modify test/e2e/scenario.js. Then you must get your site started and then just call the URL http://localhost:port/test/e2e/runner.html in your browser. This gives the following report:

Simulation an AJAX call

To test server calls AngularJS provided a mock service : $http (discussed in more detail in a future article). And tests can be run independently of the server. Go back to our previous example and use the resource data/patients.json to retrieve the names of patients:

where data/patients.json contains

To perform the test it is necessary to inject the object $httpBackend. Then it will intercept $http service calls to return then data. In the following test method when() will indicate that the resource should return data/patients.json will be:

$httpBackend provided two methods:

  • when(): will define a global response
  • expect(): will define precise response for a specific resource

Also note the flush() method, server requests are asynchronous and this should not be the case in the execution of tests. The flush() method forces the query to run and simulate a synchronous mode.


To run the tests in real time (like infinitest) on different browsers Vojta has developed Testacular: engine running replica uhren under node.js integrated into IntelliJ / WebStorm. The log trace can even show the error stack and make reference to the test. IntelliJ / WebStorm makes it clickable and allows you to go directly to the relevant file.
I let you discover this handy tool through this video.